An open-source web based CMS and Project Management tool.

The project is hosted on .




  • CMS
    Manage your website easily creating content: folders, pages, links, news and files.
  • Project management
    Create your projects, add todos, notes, timetracks and upload your docs too.
  • Contacts
    Easily store your contact infos
  • User and groups
    Manage users and groups of your site/project.
  • Permissions
    Permissions management for every created object. The permissions are in unix style: user, group, all.
  • Skin system to create your look and feel.
  • Plugin system to extend basic functionality via hooks on view components.
  • Log track your visitor's navigation on db.
  • Desktop client / standalone app: a python/pyqt4 application to interact with any r-project server as a client, or to have a full offline r-project application
  • the project worths more than 700000€, according to David A. Wheeler's 'SLOCCount'



The project is hosted on .

 How to install

Easy steps to install r-project.